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Darren Smith
May 20, 2019
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Hello, City of Tacoma, I am contacting you in-regards to Conor McCarthy a city of Tacoma current council member who is running for office this year to keep hisposition. I want to tell you that there is no-one who cares more about Tacoma and the people who live in it more than Conor. I met Conor about a couple years ago now. I was homeless due to a slumlord of a project in downtown tacoma whom had it in for me. I was sleeping in bathroom stalls, outside under pagodas, and wherever else I could sleep.

I played chess, and I had organized and founded a charity event once a month for the Mary Bridge Children's hospital. Due to the fact that no-one would hire me for work, I decided to do something for other people with my time instead. Then, years later, early one morning, I woke up on the hard concrete ground and there was a voicemail from someone from the city of Tacoma, saying that I had won an award for my volunteering services to the city.

A few months later I met Conor. He introduced himself, sat down with me and we spoke about my situation. Conor didn’t just listen to everything I had to say, he heard me, and afterwards told me he wanted to help me. Conor went out of his way to help me, he sat with me in the government office for hours when I had to reapply for benefits. He drove me all around the city to find me a place to live. He even would do his own research online to find me a place during his personal time.

He fed me, always asked if I was hungry. He successfully dealt with my past landlord, housed me, traveled to many businesses with me whenever I needed something done, and he was standing beside me through it all. 

He introduced me to people in the city and we had conversations about the homelessness crisis and what it is really like dealing with the services and resources that are in tacoma.

That is the kind of person your have on the tacoma city council. Conor McCarthy is someone who really knows what the people in his city are going through, he is someone who participates, and has sat in those same seats, he has stood in those same lines as the people that he is serving. Conor listens, he gets things done, and most importantly Conor cares, about the people he is helping, serving, and his community.

I now have a fundraising operation that has venues in over a dozen states as of now for mental health awareness helping children with disabilities at behavioral health centers, clinics, and hospitals among other places and Im not sleeping on the street anymore thanks to Conor. Ive also had time to volunteer the past two years at the Nativity house homeless shelter that I would eat at when hungry and play chess there as well as run a clothing bank and paint low income elderly homes, thanks to Conor. 

I don't know who decides what, but I say let Conor keep his seat. He deserves to keep his position and he is a great man.

When I asked Conor why he was helping me, Conor looked at me and said, Im doing this to help you become a man and Im doing this because I want you to promise me something. I asked him what do you want me to promise you, he said, promise me that someday you help someone the way that I have helped you. I knew he was telling the truth not just because of all of his actions and doings, but sometimes you just know people, call it instinct, intuition, gut feeling. I knew that Conor was for real and I know that you all do too.