• Fix our aging roads, bridges, and utility infrastructure. Improving our infrastructure is critical to public safety and the vitality of our neighborhoods, business districts, and transit network. We need to move forward with fixing our roads and bridges.


  • Help local business thrive and Grow Jobs. We need to retain and recruit good employers who provide living wage jobs. We need to promote good government customer service and private entrepreneurship. More good employers means more jobs, which means more prosperity for everyone.


  • Supporting schools and students. The City’s support for wrap-around care and programs for our K-12 students is essential to our students’ success and to growing our future leaders. It takes a village to raise a child and we have a community obligation to fill in the gaps.


  • Protect and help the most vulnerable in our community. Nearly 1/5 of the people living in Tacoma are living below the poverty level, an estimated. 35,000 people, including 12,000 children.* Poverty, mental illness, unemployment, and homelessness are significant in Tacoma.  We need to support programs and organizations that help families and children in need.


  • Improving Public Safety. Police Protection and Fire Safety make up around 60% of the City’s general fund budget. However, essential public safety staffing has been cut in recent budgets. We need to ensure that we have an adequate emergency responder work-force, while we endeavor to increase operational efficiencies and community engagement in public safety.


  • Innovation in Environmental Stewardship. The City is a leader in storm water management, sewage treatment, and solid waste disposal. We need to continue to invest and innovate to protect our air, water, health, and safety. We must continue to cultivate essential partnerships for environmental stewardship as well as research and development.



*2013 American Community Survey, US Census Bureau